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Centre Czech In offers great language courses!


Courses run 12.7.-26.8. Great price only 3920 CZK for the Summer.
Enroll your children right now.


Enroll in the Summer Czech course for the Permanent Residency A1 exam.

gray 07.05.2021

A1 -> A2

The examination for permanent residence will be raised to level A2 as of 1 September 2021!



Petra Jindráčková, director of kindergarten Šluknovská

Since the cooperation started last year we can see positive feedback and can tell for sure that the children that attend the intensive Czech language courses integrate more easily and quickly into everyday kindergarten activities and the communication between the children and teachers is much smoother and simpler, too.  We can observe big progress in children’s language skills; they are more confident and therefore happier. Moreover, the children are now able to communicate with their peers; they can convey their needs and feelings more easily and understand tasks of individual activities. Teachers try to pay more attention to children individually; however, the process of integration of children that do not attend the courses is more protracted.