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Company courses - Language levels

A1 - Introductory course for beginners

Participants of the introductory course will acquire useful phrases for everyday communication and the grammar essential for life in Czech Republic. The course introduces Czech phonetics, conjugation of the main verbs, the most common pronouns and the most frequent case in Czech – the accusative. Students will learn how to introduce themselves and the members of their family, how to use basic time expressions, how to order a meal in the restaurant and how to briefly describe their hobbies.


A2 - Extensive course for introductory course participants

This course extends the basic topics of the introductory course and deepens students’ knowledge of the language. Additionally, it offers more advanced grammar and the vocabulary important for living in the society. The students will learn how to give directions or how to describe another person. They will try to write their own advertisement and they will practise conversation in the shop or with a doctor.


B1 - Enhanced course focused on grammar for intermediate level

Concerning the subject matter of the course, students explore more complicated grammar as a past tense or an aspectual system in Czech. They learn how to make more complicated structure of a sentence by using conjunctions and prepositions. The goal is to enrich their ability to express themselves in the language. The students are able to communicate in a wide range of situations after attending this course. They can compare things and express modality.


B2 - Conversational course for advanced students

The course is suitable for advanced students. It is an ideal choice for clients of Slavic origin or for those who want to improve their language skills even after long-term residency. The course is designed in order to transform students to fluent speakers, therefore the main content of the lessons is a discussion about particular topics. Its main focus is on sentence structure and on word order. The number of people attending the course is limited to guarantee a real progress to the participants and individual approach to each one of them.


C1 – Course for very advanced learners

This course is meant for very advanced learners only. They have to be able to discuss different topics in Czech language and to reason their assertion. It is focused on complex grammatical and syntactic phenomenon such as tenses or conditional, stylistics and synonymous expressions. Students will acquire a wide range of techniques and a correct usage of the language in various situations and in different context of communication.