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Company courses

Our courses guarantee verified techniques established in practice. The courses are variable and can be easily adjusted to different types of speakers. Thanks to long-standing experience with teaching Czech to foreigners of all levels and nationalities, our language school is able to offer you a course tailored to the needs and requirements of individuals or various groups. Concerning the methodology, our lesson plans are based on modern communicative approach to language teaching. During the lessons, teachers use various materials and sources to ensure diversity of topics and vocabulary. The goal of our courses is to prepare the participants to real life situations, to support their professional abilities and provide them not only with needed means of communication, but also with useful instructions and sociocultural knowledge that they can use for working in the company and for living in the society in general.


Planning and preparation of effective Czech course:

  1. Inform us about the number of colleagues/employees interested in attendance of our courses.
  2. We estimate their level of proficiency in Czech A1 – C1 (see the Level descriptions).
  3. Choose the topics of participant’s interest (see the List of topics).
  4. We estimate the time and financial calculation based on the number of participants, their level of proficiency and chosen topics (see the Estimation of time and the Price list).
  5. Pick the days and exact times of the lessons suitable for your company.